6 China ETFs From 3 Sectors That Emerged Winners in June

The second quarter of 2020 was the best quarter for Wall Street since 1998 despite coronavirus-led lockdowns in various parts of the globe. The unprecedented stimulus measures by global central banks and governments made this possible.

Though the market momentum was especially upbeat in the middle of the quarter, it slackened a bit in June. Rising coronavirus cases with the unlocking of economies disturbed the momentum occasionally in June.

Interestingly, if we screen the top-performing ETFs of June, we will have a host of China ETFs in the top 15 list. These funds come mainly from the technology, healthcare and clean energy segments. Let’s tell you what made these ETFs winners in June.


The coronavirus-led social distancing trend has given a boost to technology all over the world. People indulged in the work-learn-entertainment-from-home trend. As a result, Chinese Internet and tech ETFs that house stocks like Tencent, Alibaba, JD.Com,

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Grâce à son fort dynamisme économique et à sa qualité de vie exceptionnelle, Lyon est l’une des villes les plus attractives d’Europe. La ville est également considérée comme la capitale de la gastronomie. Lyon est la deuxième ville de France en termes de population, et bénéficie d’une position stratégique idéale grâce à sa situation entre le nord et le sud du pays.

La ville est naturellement structurée par les fleuves (Rhône et Saône) et les collines (Croix Rousse et Fourvière) qui caractérisent les différents quartiers où vous pouvez trouver votre maison à vendre ou à louer à Lyon.

L’immobilier à Lyon est riche en possibilités car c’est la deuxième ville de France, Lyon est composée de multiple quartiers et de beaucoup d’ambiances et surtout de plusieurs type de bien immobilier. Pour trouver le bon bien à acheter ou à louer, comptez sur la force des agents de notre agence immobilière Read More


If you thought all the major indexes moved together, think again. Between June 8 and the close on Friday June 26, the Nasdaq beat the Dow in 11 of 14 trading days.  During 8 of those days the gap was half a percent point or more.  The end result was that by the close on Friday, June 26th the Nasdaq was down only 1.7% while the Dow fell 9.3%. Although not as pronounced as the recent behavior, the Dow has lagged the NASDAQ during most of the pandemic.

Whereas the Dow contains only 30 members, the NASDAQ is made up of over 2,700 companies. To be clear, the term “The Nasdaq” refers the Nasdaq Composite Index which contains roughly 90% of the companies that trade on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.  One common confusion is between the Nasdaq 100 Index and the Nasdaq Composite Index.  The Nasdaq 100

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A look inside Europe’s $7 trillion technology market

There’s no doubt US tech stocks have thrived in 2020, but a raft of their European counterparts have returned huge profits for investors during the first six months of this year.

Sinch, the Stockholm-based cloud telecoms firm, is up a teeth-kissing 170% year-to-date. Second-best is Dutch fintech play Adyen: its market cap grew from $223 billion to $389.4 billion, driving its stock price up by 74%.

The NASDAQ 100 (NDX) is commonly used as a benchmark for the US tech industry. 17 tech firms in Europe have outperformed the NDX this year.
The NASDAQ 100 (NDX) is commonly used as a benchmark for the US tech industry. 17 tech firms in Europe have outperformed the NDX this year.

Swedish accounting gem Fortnox just beat Germany’s TeamViewer for third place, but they were close, both up around 52% in the past six months. It’s far less than its US counterpart Zoom Video, but still impressive.

Dutch tech stocks lead Europe in 2020

In a bid to map Europe‘s 6.12 trillion ($6.95 trillion) technology market,

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