Day: May 11, 2019

15 Effective Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles that You Don’t Know Yet!

Many bloggers know how to write articles smoothly and regularly, but not many know how to write SEO friendly articles.

The latest Google algorithm update, quality website articles are not only useful for search engines but also readers (human).

Many tips on how to write articles that are SEO friendly on the internet, but not all of them can be applied, and there are even some that have been outdated with the development of the latest search engine algorithms, especially Google.

For that, I present the article 15 of the most effective ways to write SEO friendly articles that you probably don’t know yet!

  1. Prioritize User Experience

I enter this point as the first point because I consider it to be the essential element in writing SEO friendly articles. Also, later, other points that are written here are also many with the user experience or commonly called UX.

“Why user Read More