Day: November 21, 2019

What Factors Affect The Design Life Of A Battery?

Battery design life and the warranty period assigned by manufactures often create a bit of confusion. When batteries are said to have 10 or 5 years “design life” for example the fiamm 12flb350 there can be issues raised related to situations where they malfunction at a particular time within their life period and need early replacement. Also, it is crucial to separate the two, warranty and design life are different terms.

All batteries have a set design life that is arrived at based on the specifications that are required to fulfill the Eurobat Classification. This implies that under normal conditions and functionality, the battery should at least last for the period it was designed for. Service life highly depends on the working settings of the battery, but, in reality, normal functioning conditions are hard to achieve consistently.
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The True Meaning of the Design Life of a Battery

There is frequently confusion that surrounds the manufacturer’s warranty period and the design life of a battery. With certain batteries that have a “design life” of between 5 to 10 years, it often results in questions when the battery does not last for the maximum design-life period, and when it needs to be replaced earlier than what was expected. It becomes important to avoid confusing the warranty and the design-life as they are somewhat different.

Every battery features a design-life that matches up to the parameters that are required for Eurobat Classification. What this means is that if the standard operating condition has been consistently met, the battery should then last for a period that it was designed for. The service life correlates strongly to the battery working conditions. However, when put into practice, the “normal” operating conditions will not be met consistently.

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