Month: April 2020


The Amazon dominance - a 'David and Goliath' story - Reflex Sign ...

When it comes to the history of buying electronic gadgets in the states, Best buy has successfully registered their names in the heart of every household. Each of the CEOs they have employed to see over the affairs of the company has in one way, or the other contributed to the development of the company. The most popular of their CEO, whose name is Barry, spoke of her confidence and ways the company will go about maintaining their status among buyers and beating competitors to the top. Barry explained that Best Buy, as an electronic retailer, has the following things to offer, and here are reasons why she is so confident.

Technology is confusing

In her analysis, she referred to the 2018 Kantar survey that 50% of technology consumers are always overwhelmed by technological advancement every year. She stressed that no family would not want their house filled with … Read More