Day: May 14, 2020

Tips on Caring for Auto Glass to Still Look Shiny

In doing car maintenance is not only limited in caring for car engines but also in outward appearance so that it still looks good and shiny. One outside of the car that needs attention is the glass. In doing maintenance, the glass to keep it shiny is certainly different from the care on the car body.

This is because the cleanliness of the glass will greatly affect the appearance and visibility of the driver. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain the condition of the shiny car glass. If at any time there is damage or there is a problem in the windshield of your car, you can immediately take it to the windshield replacement phoenix to repair it or replace it.

Well, here are some ways to take care of the windshield to keep it shiny which you can easily do, namely:

Watch out for scratches on car window

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