Day: May 26, 2020

How a Small Industrial Robot Can Improve the Quality of Your Goods

Robots in the workplace | April 2018 | Safety+Health Magazine

For any business, the goal of their operations is to produce goods of the best quality. A quality that customers enjoy, and actually prefer to that of their competitors.

Nonetheless, at times, trying to get the best quality products can be tough, especially when dealing with large volumes. This results in poor performance in the market and, subsequently, poor profitability for the business.

Different industries are trying various techniques to address this issue, with the most successful one being automation.

Robotic automation has taken industries by storm as it assures them more productivity at lower costs. But does it have an impact on product quality?

Below we look at the five ways robotic automation improves product quality.

1.    Eliminates human error in production

‘Man is to error’ is a saying that correctly applies to manufacturing. For most industries, human error has cost them a ton of opportunities.

Workers make … Read More