Day: August 9, 2020

Technology Is Changing The Way Freight Brokerages Operate

Digital brokerages have dominated headlines in recent years, but some old standbys continue to perform. And for some of them, like XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO), the idea that digital brokerages represent a new way of moving freight masks the fact that many traditional brokerages have remained at the cutting edge, and even in the lead, of the digital revolution.

“We don’t think of ourselves as an incumbent broker,” Lou Amo, president of Freight Brokerage and Expedite at XPO Logistics, told FreightWaves. “We like to think of ourselves as one of the first digital brokers.”

Amo, who joined XPO in 2012 as vice president of brokerage operations, said the company has invested in technology “since day one.” Technologies such as XPO Connect and Drive XPO are just the latest iterations of technological achievement for the company as it strives to continue its leadership position among global brokerages (XPO is

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