Day: August 17, 2020

A WeChat Ban Should Be the Moment for Decentralized Tech. But It’s Not.

People from the world’s two largest economies could soon have a much harder time communicating with each other. Literally. 

The U.S. may soon ban WeChat, the multi-purpose messaging app for more than 1 billion Chinese users, in addition to shutting down TikTok’s American operations. The ban could be disruptive for 19 million active WeChat users in the U.S., including Americans who regularly communicate with China. Popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook’s WhatsApp are blocked in China, further limiting communication channels. 

President Donald Trump’s threat highlights how governments can, by targeting centralized companies, disrupt the communication of millions of people. This should be the perfect moment for borderless, decentralized apps that can’t be easily shut down. But it’s not. 

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Decentralized apps use blockchain technology to store data in a distributed manner, rather than having it be controlled by a

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