Day: August 18, 2020

Cadillac Super Cruise needs subscription after free trial period

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Not long ago, Motor Trend broke the news that Cadillac’s Super Cruise is only free for the first three years, after which the Level 2 autonomy system moves to subscription pricing. MT‘s report came on the eve of 2018-model-year Cadillac CT6 buyers being asked whether they wished to retain access to their Super Cruise. A few days after that report, Cadillac said it would give those first-year buyers of the technology — “the helpful adopters” — another free year, so they’ll need to make a decision in August 2021 along with the 2019MY CT6 buyers. After a bit of digging by other outlets, it seems Motor Trend broke the Super Cruise news primarily to members of the media (including us); the details in the report have been communicated to customers in fine print in at least two places.

First, let’s clarify that the subscription

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