Day: August 28, 2020

How Trump’s ban on China’s 5G could affect you

Donald Trump's ban on Chinese telecoms equipment would have ...

The race for being the most powerful country or community in the world has been on-going since the beginning of the world. In the past, it was common for leaders and warriors to gain control over other communities through the use of force. The areas they have conquered become one of their colonies with the leader of the victorious community and country calling the shots. Most of these barbaric behaviours have been abolished over the past few years. However, this has not stopped the quest for countries to want to become the strongest and best in the world.

Currently, there are at least 3 major countries that are striving to become the most powerful in the world. Such countries, often known as superpowers, often have the strongest influence in the world. As of early 2020, America seems to be the major superpower of the world, with the president of America … Read More

Ford Working with Bosch to Perfect a Fully Automated Parking System

From Car and Driver” data-reactid=”23″From Car and Driver

  • Ford, Bosch, and Detroit real estate developer Bedrock announced today that they will partner on a monthlong demonstration of automated valet parking technology at a new Bedrock property in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.
  • The demonstration uses a 2020 Ford Escape in concert with lidar technology from Bosch to autonomously move a car from a drop point to a series of parking spaces in the garage’s demonstration area.
  • Ford, Bosch, and Bedrock are treating this as an information-gathering project and so far have no specific plans to bring this technology to market.

Ford, Bosch, and Detroit-based real estate developer Bedrock announced today that they’re bringing North America’s first demonstration of automated valet parking to Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood this month (there is a similar project in Stuttgart, Germany). Through the end of September, the three companies will host private demonstrations for members of

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