Day: November 2, 2020

Difference between Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective

Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point (RPO) in DR Strategy

The benefits of Cloud-managed networks technology that we have felt until now have had a significant impact. No wonder this technology is widely used in various fields such as business and finance. Cloud, which allows users to store more data with larger storage, can also be relied on to access data at any time. Surely this method is much more profitable than having to store data conventionally on certain hardware, right?

Apart from these practical reasons, one more benefit that the Cloud network management offers but not conventional storage is the disaster recovery feature. This feature is certainly needed by anyone, considering that data is important for the continuity of the company. As we know that disasters can come at any time, it is important to protect your data, so you need this disaster recovery feature.

Talking about disaster recovery, two definite terms often appear, namely Recovery Point Objective (RPO) … Read More