Day: January 31, 2021

UA Little Rock Online Graduate Programs Listed Among the Nation’s Best by U.S. News and World Report

Newswise — The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has been recognized as having some of the best online programs in computer information technology in the country. U.S. News & World Report ranked UA Little Rock 19th in its 2021 ranking of “Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs.” 

“Our university continuously encourages innovative academic programming to help students and faculty achieve academic success,” said Dr. David Montague, executive director of online learning and faculty mentoring. “This significant accomplishment in these prestigious academic rankings demonstrates commitment to academic excellence, optimal functionality, accessibility, innovation, universal inclusion, and user-friendly education.”

This ranking assesses online master’s degree programs in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information systems, and information technology. For UA Little Rock, this ranking includes the online Master of Science in information quality and Master of Science in information science programs. UA Little Rock also ranked 19th in the 2020 U.S.

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