Day: November 17, 2021

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) – 10 Information Technology Stocks With Whale Alerts In Today’s Session

This whale alert can help traders discover the next big trading opportunities.

Whales are entities with large sums of money and we track their transactions here at Benzinga on our options activity scanner.

Traders often look for circumstances when the market estimation of an option diverges away from its normal worth. Abnormal amounts of trading activity could push option prices to hyperbolic or underperforming levels.

Below are some instances of options activity happening in the Information Technology sector:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
AAPL CALL SWEEP BEARISH 11/19/21 $150.00 $52.3K 95.1K 84.0K
AMD CALL TRADE BULLISH 11/19/21 $150.00 $34.8K 25.3K 59.6K
QCOM CALL SWEEP BULLISH 11/19/21 $175.00 $30.1K 5.8K 24.4K
PYPL CALL SWEEP BULLISH 11/19/21 $215.00 $43.8K 8.6K 15.5K
TTD CALL SWEEP BULLISH 11/19/21 $110.00 $79.7K 3.4K 12.1K
MTTR CALL SWEEP BEARISH 11/19/21 $25.00 $27.6K 5.7K 2.3K
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How Does Latent Semantic Indexing Affect SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

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