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How Investments In Transformative Solutions Using AI, Cloud, And Edge Act Like Probiotics For Manufacturing

Traditionally, few venture capitalists would touch industrial startup companies. Time cycles were too long and clunky hardware complicated things. However, deep digitalization is taking hold, the expectations are that the industrial sector will evolve much faster. What has changed?

One reason venture capital and corporate investment have shied away from industrial startups is that they have been few and far between. After all, if you cannot find something exciting to invest in, there’s little point having a strong venture activity and a dedicated fund.

Perhaps it is also the case that industrial conglomerates were looking inward to find innovative ways instead of looking outward for it. As a result, venture capitalists considered the manufacturing space the place for incremental innovation, though less interesting.

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The Metaverse Awaits as Marketers Learn More about a Future Built on Smart Eyewear

The metaverse may have been the word on everyone’s lips in 2021, but it may have contributed to a more muted reception of Meta’s self-appointed first generation of smart glasses: Ray-Ban Stories. Although the product may not be the finished article as far as augmented eyewear is concerned, the glasses do show us that smart eyewear will take all kinds of essential forms in a metaverse-driven future. 

As with many emerging technologies, Ray-Ban Stories doesn’t tick too many boxes when we cast our minds to what truly immersive smart eyewear will look like – but it represents a significant step towards a future technology that packs so much potential that it may ultimately make smartphones redundant. 

As the forecasted global penetration of Meta’s closest rivals shows, 2022 is set to host an acceleration of the AR glasses market in which big players like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Realwear are set

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