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Ensuring a Healthy & Safe Working Environment

The 2005 Safety, Health & Welfare Act supplemented and improved the legislation laid out in the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974.  Despite these laws, there were 0.6 million non-fatal workplace accidents and 144 fatalities in Great Britain in 2017-18. Apart from the impact on the victims and their families, not abiding by the rules has a financial cost.  The latest statistics show that work-related accidents and health issues led to over 30 million lost working days at a cost of £15 billion.

What are the responsibilities of an employer?  

Existing legislation stipulates that the employer is responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.  They have to provide appropriate training for their employees and all necessary protective clothing and equipment. Employers must ensure that they take measures to prevent any incidents of bullying, harassment or any improper behaviour which would have an impact … Read More

Why Smart Customers Prefer Jio Digital Life?

We all have been hearing for a long time about Jio. But do you actually what makes Jio unique from other telecom companies. Jio comes up with the motto of making people embrace a complete Digital Life. Jio does not restrict itself to a particular area but covering a wide horizon such as

  • First, it comes up with the facility of imparting unmatched 4G network that too at the lowest data rate all across the country.
  • There is no need to bother about the complex telecom charges
  • Jio simple 4G Tariff Plans are also available to make you have the best customer experience.
  • For students, the facility of extra discount available
  • Jio takes care of enterprises as well and therefore come up with friendly solutions and plans
  • This brand understands it customers right from the core of the heart and therefore come up with LYF devices starting Rs. 2,999
  • Complimentary
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Quick Instructions for Switching VGA to Svideo

The initial choice is often in the form of vga to hdmi cable TV. Many adapters appear with G400 and NV6 or enhance video cards using TV-Out performance. It is very important to know the details of your respective picture cards, including making and quantity of products, when confirming purchases with cable. Cable TV makers are listed special features with the VGA card they use and can confirm if the merchandise will do the work on your machine. However, regardless of the artwork card, if it is seriously not activating TV-output, the cable will not be alone enough. The possibility of VGA to S-video cable TV can be found in various sizes from 5 inches to 50 feet, and the cost will be greater for extended cables.

Apple people may need an exclusive manufacturer to guarantee that the artworks are moved correctly to the video device, but they are lucky … Read More


Best essay writing service most students always ruin their whole good done work by writing improper conclusion. Conclusions are always important even if they come last in the essay. You should always therefore care about a good conclusion whenever you are writing an essay. An essay is also said not to be complete without a conclusion. The conclusion of an essay is not merely the last paragraph of the academic paper in which a student restates the arguments. Order now it is an opportunity to make a final impact on the reader. You can give them a sense of logical completeness, or you can leave them hanging.

Best Approaches to Crafting a Proper Conclusion!

If you don’t know how to start a good conclusion, here are some excellent strategies from our top essay writer.

Briefly hit the main points of your essay. To do this, take a look at the … Read More

The best source for Custom wrestling singlets

For those not in the know, a wrestling singlet is a close fitting seamlessly interconnected vest and shorts attire used by armature wrestlers. The essence of the tight fit is to prevent an opponent from deliberately or accidentally grasping the other wrestler’s apparel since in wrestling it is illegal to do so. The close fit also enables the referee to achieve a clear view of the bodies in order to award accurate points. To make the apparel tight fitting yet flexible nylon, spandex or lycra is used for the outfit’s material.

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Custom wrestling singlets come in handy for high school and college wrestlers. Teams need to wear apparels with the same colour, style or design. This designation will help in defining the different teams as well as assisting in score board purposes. Customizing these uniforms may entail applying different … Read More