choose iPhone 12 and get good features

choose iPhone 12 and get good features

iPhone is very fast gaining sales in the market and very busy in demand, on

iPhone is very fast gaining sales in the market and very busy in demand, on the other hand, iPhone offers very unique specifications for lovers of gadgets selfie-and games.

 The iPhone 12 offers are very good to use today and it’s no wonder the prices they offer are very relatively expensive and it’s all comparable to the specifications they provide on this gadget.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the tallest model in this iPhone 12 that Apple released in the fourth quarter of 2020. This phone certainly brings several improvements over its predecessor.

the various characters and features that are provided make a good feeling for i-phone lovers in the community and are very busy in the market as well as in the world of smartphones.

For better performance, the iPhone 12 Pro Max uses the latest Apple A14 Bionic chipset which is made with a 5 nm manufacturing process. This is a bigger jump for faster performance, even paired with a RAM capacity that is 50% higher than before.

The camera is also not spared from the upgrade, even if only slightly. Now Apple is adding a LiDAR scanner, a laser-based sensor that uses flight time to determine the distance of distant objects.

Apple says the new LiDAR sensor they are implementing on this phone can measure objects up to five meters away. The ToF sensor on existing smartphones can only accommodate objects at a maximum distance of about two meters.

In the show, the camera comes with an upgrade, but not the battery capacity. The existing Apple cut about 10% of the battery capacity on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But Apple offers an upgrade to a slightly faster-charging technology.