How To Increase Traffic From Google

The majority of webmasters and bloggers across the web would like to increase the amount

The majority of webmasters and bloggers across the web would like to increase the amount of free web traffic they are getting to their web presence. In most cases when you increase the amount of traffic the web presence will be able to make money online if you place ads or affiliate programs. The problem usually comes when people find out increasing traffic to a website or blog is not an easy task especially if they don’t have the money to pay for the traffic. There are two main ways which you can build traffic towards your website the first is through social media such as Twitter, Digg, and Facebook. The problem with this traffic is it usually will not be targeted so unlikely to buy any affiliate products or click on ads. The other type of traffic is from major search engines through the process of search engine optimization. If you learn everything you can about search engine optimization you will find that the sky’s the limit when it comes to traffic and if you choose keywords which represent your website well the traffic that you get from the search engines will be extremely targeted.

The first and most important part of seo new orleans is on site optimization. The first thing you will need to do is figure out the keywords you would like to rank well in Google for. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool for finding quality keywords. Type in a keyword or term into this tool and it will show you the monthly search volume as well as 99 related searches and the traffic they are getting. Pick some of the top keywords out of this list and place them in the URL, title, description, headings, and content. This will let Google and the other major search engines understand that your website should be indexed for these certain keywords. Another important factor of internal search engine optimization is making sure every qualified sub page is a suitable landing page. What this means is the sub pages which are not login, forms, or other non informative pages should have meta title, meta description, and decent navigation.

The last part of search engine optimization is increasing authority by building links from external sources. This can be done by going to all the different link building resources across the web such as article directories, general directories, free press release distribution websites, , forums related to your niche, and commenting on blogs within your niche. To know how many links you will need to rank well within the major search engines for certain terms you will need to go and search for these terms. Take the first five websites are so and take the URLs over to Yahoo’s site explorer and enter the URL. This tool will bring up the number of indexed pages and the number of incoming links these top websites have. This should be your goal when link building. If you do not have many link building resources you can always head over to  and ask the hundred thousand webmasters for a resource or two. Google will also be your friend when trying to find links you can go and search for lists of article directories, general directories, or whatever else you need.