DevOps adoption almost doubles in five years, Covid crisis accelerated adoption

Kudos to the information technology community over the past year, who helped maintain the connectivity and communications that held organizations together during the great corporate dispersal. Not only were many organizations able to carry on and even thrive, but the productivity of IT departments themselves remained strong. 

The productivity and continuous delivery of services by IT departments through the Covid crisis is due in no small part to DevOps — the aligning and syncing of developer initiative with operations cadence. The events of the past year have only made DevOps more relevant.


Photo: Joe McKendrick

That’s the word coming out of a survey of 3,200 enterprises released by RedGate Software, which plays in the data space, documenting changes in IT as a direct result of the Covid crisis. Nearly three quarters of organizations, 74%, have now adopted DevOps in some form, cross-platform database use has risen markedly. “IT thinking has

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Medical Info Systems Outlook Bright Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The Zacks Medical Info Systems industry comprises companies, which develop and market healthcare information systems. They offer software and hardware solutions to healthcare providers with secure access to real-time clinical, administrative and financial data in a time-efficient manner. Over the past few years, this digital health sector has evolved greatly to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers.

Focus on patient satisfaction and security of patient data, and increasing administrative costs have increased the need for big data, 3D printing, blockchain and AI. These technologies are currently shaping the MedTech space.

The industry players are raking in billions from the sale of proprietary software and related hardware, professional services and IT outsourcing services. Recurring service contracts for software maintenance and certain transaction processing services also contribute to revenues. A major player in this industry is Cerner, a healthcare information technology (HCIT) solutions provider.           

Let’s take a look at the four

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