Cadillac Super Cruise needs subscription after free trial period

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Not long ago, Motor Trend broke the news that Cadillac’s Super Cruise is only free for the first three years, after which the Level 2 autonomy system moves to subscription pricing. MT‘s report came on the eve of 2018-model-year Cadillac CT6 buyers being asked whether they wished to retain access to their Super Cruise. A few days after that report, Cadillac said it would give those first-year buyers of the technology — “the helpful adopters” — another free year, so they’ll need to make a decision in August 2021 along with the 2019MY CT6 buyers. After a bit of digging by other outlets, it seems Motor Trend broke the Super Cruise news primarily to members of the media (including us); the details in the report have been communicated to customers in fine print in at least two places.

First, let’s clarify that the subscription

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Cruise Line Earnings Later This Week Could Provide Insight On Brutal Quarter For Industry

If there’s a theme this week, you could argue it’s watching people return to work and seeing how various states and countries deal with the challenges as they try to get going. 

Tensions rose overnight on reports of more COVID-19 cases in South Korea after the country began easing restrictions. You don’t have to look far to find people worried about a second wave, with some experts warning about more danger ahead.

There isn’t a lot of data or earnings on the calendar, so it could be one of those sessions where people look for the latest headlines and trade-off the news of the day. That’s very difficult to trade, and means the potential for volatility is there. With that in mind, investors probably don’t want to get too complacent. 

Crude had a weird night, falling initially and then clawing back this morning. It’s tempting to see crude as a

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