Missed the ‘Into the Wild’ Bus? 20 Cool Travel Spots for Bookworms To Visit Post-COVID19

A person’s favorite book is often something that’s very vivid and real to them, making a trip to visit actual places with a connection to what they read about into something of a pilgrimage. Being able to feel that sort of connection to your favorite characters or figures from history can be powerful. That came into clear relief for some literature fans recently when the bus featured in the book and movie “Into the Wild” — in which Jon Krakauer details the failed attempt by an idealistic but naive young man to leave modern society — was removed from near Alaska’s Stampede Trail by the state’s National Guard.

As such, if you had long dreamed of seeing Christopher McCandless’ bus in its original location, your opportunity seems to have passed. Maybe for the better — part of the reason for the removal had been fans trying to see it were

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