3 Med Info Stocks to Improve Portfolio Health Amid Coronavirus Woes

Unlike other businesses, the initial phase of COVID-19 proved to be beneficial for the Medical Information industry that advanced on growing demand for digital healthcare support to control the spreading of the infection. This created unique opportunities for heavyweights within the industry like Cerner (CERN) whose AI-enabled workflow started to get huge industry acceptance.

However, the pandemic put a brake on the flow of seamless R&D operations within this sector.  Also, a gloomy second-quarter performance, along with many of the industry players’ apprehension about a ‘new great depression’ approaching has resulted in significant bearishness. The frontrunners in the industry are 10x Genomics Inc. (TXG), Allscripts Healthcare (MDRX) and NextGen Healthcare (NXGN).

About the Industry

The Zacks Medical Info Systems industry comprises companies, which develop and market healthcare information systems. They offer software and hardware solutions to healthcare providers with secure access to real-time clinical, administrative and financial data in a

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Solid Insider Buying Puts These 3 Stocks in Focus

Smart investors are always looking for a reliable sign that will indicate a stock’s likely movement. The key is making the right moves at the right time.

Following the insiders is popular strategy, and for good reason. Insider traders are simply corporate officers, whose position inside their company gives them access to information that may not be available to the general public – yet. It’s only natural for them to trade on that information, and only fair that regulatory bodies require them to make those trades public.

TipRanks Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool gets the footwork started – identifying stocks that have seen informative moves by insiders, highlighting several common strategies used by the insiders, and collecting the data all in one place.” data-reactid=”14″So, investors looking for stocks that may be flying ‘under the radar,’ but with potential to climb fast, watching for insider purchases identify some sweet market plays.

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Stocks rise, Dow adds 200+ points after Fed expands stimulus

Stocks erased earlier losses and rose Monday, after the Federal Reserve said it would begin purchasing individual corporate bonds as part of its emerging lending program to inject liquidity into the virus-stricken economy.

Earlier in the session, the Dow was off as many as 762 points, or 3%, as investor jitters over rising coronavirus cases in key parts of the country stirred up an extension of last week’s pullback in equities.

Last week, stocks posted their first weekly loss in a month, with a steep selloff on Thursday comprising much of the weekly decline. The plunge, which came on the heels of a more than 40% run-up in the S&P 500 since March, came after new data showed rising coronavirus case and hospitalization counts in states that were among the first to reopen businesses, and after the Federal Reserve last week delivered a grim forecast for near-term economic activity.


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Cyclical Stocks Have Led Market Recoveries

Key insights

  • If economically sensitive stocks lead the market recovery, as we expect, history would repeat itself.
  • Many cyclical companies, such as global industrial conglomerates, capital-rich banking institutions, and travel & leisure companies, should experience a substantial rerating.
  • With over 50% of the ACWI index invested in the lowest Covid-19 beta sectors, passive index investors appear to be underexposed to upside recovery.

“People should value manufacturing–the world of atoms vs. the world of bits–far more. It is looked down upon by many, which is just not right.” -Elon Musk

Although less controversial than some of Mr. Musk’s recent tweets, markets appear to disagree with his tribute to the physical over the digital. This year-to-date’s sector winner in the MSCI ACWI Index (“ACWI”) is information technology, with software & services devouring the world of atoms. In the volatile first five months of 2020, these companies trafficking in bits rose nearly 10%,

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