COVID-19 Exposes How Many Unemployment Websites Are Truly Terrible

As soon as Diane completed her unemployment application, she knew something was wrong. 

Each time the 65-year-old disabled North Carolina resident reached the final page of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) application, the website wouldn’t let her select “submit.” But when she, like many others, contacted the state’s Division of Employment Security for help, she reached the same voicemail over and over: All of their lines were busy, no one could talk to her and she would have to try calling back later. Click. 

By her 20th call, someone eventually picked up ― an employee representing North Carolina’s call center but located in a different state. Diane said the employee seemed almost as confused as she was with the state’s online unemployment application for claims involving the coronavirus pandemic. Diane realized the next day that the employee had filled out her application incorrectly. She’s tried calling back but hasn’t been

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