The 13 Best Selling Accessories in the Market Today

For smartphone users, of course, they want cellphone accessories that look attractive, some even funny and weird. The accessories are intended to make the smartphone look more attractive and unique. Although to make it look more stylish, the cellphone accessories also have their own uses.

The best-selling cellphone accessories on the market and many are sold in online shops and cellphone outlets, including:

Cute shape casing: The shape of this one casing looks interesting as the shape of a doll or cute things, I got one sample on this Coque unique page, like below

Finger wrapping tiger: Many of us don’t like fingerprints on smartphones. There is one unique little accessory that is needed, namely a small wrapping cloth with additional touch-shaped tiger foot media that covers the finger. Pair it to the finger and fingerprints will not be left on the smartphone screen again.

Cat earphone jack cover: Strapya World develops unique cat shaped accessories and these accessories are pretty good. Just attach it to a small 3.5mm hole and it will make your smartphone unique and funny.

Name shaped casing: This smartphone accessory changes the appearance to a giant text with your name in it, sample on this Coque personnalisée page. Very creative.

Food picture casing: With casings like this, of course, will make us starve, especially if the casing is available with lots of food such as; fried egg, fried rice, sushi, fried noodles and much more.

That was the smartphone accessories that could be said to be quite hilarious and eccentric, different from the others and maybe you must have.

Well, below are some of the best-selling cellphone accessories on the market and are booming among young people, namely:

Gameklip: Now games on smartphones and tablets have become a big industry and almost everyone likes to play games on their smartphones. This gameklip is very similar to the Play Station 3 controller which is perfect for your smartphone by simply connecting the OTG cable.

Wireless Pad Charger: Charging the battery wirelessly may be a solution for those of you who don’t like plugging in, plug it in here. No need to look for a charger or charger head that is lost somewhere.

SIM Card Ejector: For iPhone users, of course, you know the use of this SIM Card Ejector, which is to issue a SIM card on your mobile phone and replace the SIM card with another one.

USB OTG Cable: This USB OTG cable (On The Go) is very useful if you want to move data from USB to the hard disk to a smartphone. But first, make sure the smartphone supports the OTG cable.

OTG Flashdisk: If there is no OTG cable, you can use the OTG flash disk and don’t bother using a cable to move data from your PC to your cellphone.

Micro SD: Everyone who buys cellphones doesn’t forget to buy an additional Micro SD to store photos, videos and so on.

Micro SD Adapter: This adapter adjusts the small micro SD function to be compatible with SD Card. This is used as a memory card in a digital camera or DSLR or can also be used on a cellphone or PC.

SIM Card Adapter: There are three types of adapters, namely nano-to-micro, micro-to-mini, and nano-to-mini. The function of the SIM Card Adapter is to insert a smaller SIM card used on other phones with a larger SIM Card size.