The Benefits of a Good Floor Plan

Buyers love good floor plans. They can help a listing stand apart from the competition.

House blueprint layout planBuyers love good floor plans. They can help a listing stand apart from the competition. They can help to generate additional enquiries and convert them into viewings. Also, they can help to sell a property fast. However, many real estate agents don’t believe they are necessary. Why is this?

Property sellers were recently surveyed, and 80% stated that floor plans are very useful or essential when selling. Also, 80% agreed in terms of purchasing a property.

Although it isn’t technically necessary to have a floor plan to sell property, it also isn’t necessary to have property descriptions or photos. But how many listings have you ever seen that don’t have them? Floor plans can grab the attention of prospective buyers, and help to simplify their decision-making process. They are just as important as high-quality photos and considering how easy they are to have professionally done by Floor Plans U Sketch, there’s really no reason not to invest. Here are three important reasons why.

1. Visualisation

A floor plan can help prospective buyers better visualise the property compared to just photos. Rightmove has provided research that shows that one third of home buyers are less likely to ask about a property when there is no floor plan, while 1 in 5 would completely ignore the listing.

A floor plan can show a buyer certain details that can be hard to convey with only descriptions and photos, like measurements, windows and storage space. They also do a better job of showcasing unique selling features such as extensions and knock-throughs.

It is critical to have high-quality property photos to showcase the home in the best way possible. Buyers like wide-angle shots but some people think they may be misleading at times when it comes to portraying a space accurately.

You know viewings where a buyer is disappointed that a property isn’t what they thought it would be after looking at the photos? This is where a floor plan can help to avoid this problem by providing prospective tenants and buyers with a clearer view of the whole property before they see it in person.

A floor plan can be used by house hunters along with photos to better understand the space and layout of a house. It will allow them to see the way rooms connect with one another, and how space flows through a house. So when they actually show up there won’t be any nasty surprises.

In terms of successful property viewings and photos, estate agents are all at the mercy of the people currently occupying the house. Untidy and cluttered rooms can make them seem smaller than they actually are. Having a clean floor plan will show the real potential and true size of all the rooms.

The Rightmove survey shows that buyers would like a floorplan that displays room layout along with how rooms fit relative to the rest of the overall property. However, it is room dimensions that are rated as most important by buyers.

Floor plans show that door and window placements, as well as room measurements, allow prospective buyers to be able to visualise where their furniture would be, and the way they would use the area. They might even start to think about decorating, or the way they would alter the building in order to better suit their needs.

After they have started to mentally plan their move, it doesn’t take long for them to become emotionally attached to the property and decide to buy it.

2. Memory aid

It is one thing to help a buyer visualise the potential of a property before and during the viewing. However, what about after they go home? You may get strong signals during your view, but then after you follow up with a phone call and they ask which house you are talking about, that is never a positive sign.

Keep in mind that house hunters are considering several properties at the same time, and each of the home’s features can get mixed up, especially when they are viewing several different ones every day. When a floor plan is included in your marketing materials it can help buyers remember your property.

A visual of the home’s layout along with all of its nuances can help make it easier to remember the property you are trying to sell.

3. Professionalism

If floor plans are being used by your competitors, then you should as well. However, if it’s something they are doing just yet, having a floor plan can provide you with a market advantage. Having a well-designed and clear floor plan can help get your listing at the top of the heap of professional listings. It also provides your brand with enhanced quality and demonstrates to sellers who are searching for an estate agent that you are willing to make an investment in your business in order to stay current with the latest property trends.