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For those not in the know, a wrestling singlet is a close fitting seamlessly interconnected

For those not in the know, a wrestling singlet is a close fitting seamlessly interconnected vest and shorts attire used by armature wrestlers. The essence of the tight fit is to prevent an opponent from deliberately or accidentally grasping the other wrestler’s apparel since in wrestling it is illegal to do so. The close fit also enables the referee to achieve a clear view of the bodies in order to award accurate points. To make the apparel tight fitting yet flexible nylon, spandex or lycra is used for the outfit’s material.

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Custom wrestling singlets come in handy for high school and college wrestlers. Teams need to wear apparels with the same colour, style or design. This designation will help in defining the different teams as well as assisting in score board purposes. Customizing these uniforms may entail applying different graphic designs as well as numbering, and names of the institution, wrestler etc. Outside the school scene, professional wrestlers are known to heavily customize their apparels to create a particular identity.

Generally, there are three types of cuts available with the wrestling singlet. The low cut, fila cut and the high cut. The low cut reveals most of the chest up to the mid abdomen with the under-armpits and reaching down to the hips. The high cut has most of the chest covered and the sides rise up to the underarms. With the fila cut, the chest portion is similar to the high cut but the side portion is mid high up to the underarms. The low cut is preferred by most athletes as it provides for greater flexibility and mobility, allows for easy breathing and cooling, and is easily worn as an undergarment so as to be used after classes etc. Custom wrestling singlets are available in all these cuts and in great designs which do not compromise the wearer’s comfort.

Recently though, a new design of the wrestling singlet has been observed in several colleges and high schools. This style of singlet goes by the name “doublet”. The top is more of a t-shirt, compared to the conventional styles which looked like a vest, and as such the upper body is more covered. Further, this garment is accompanied by close fitting shorts. This kind of attire is particularly good in covering acne on the back or chest. Custom wrestling singlets of this nature feature bigger and better prints as they have more material surface.

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How Athletes are Staying Safe from MRSA

Brian Smith, Missouri’s no-nonsense wrestling coach who still mixes it up on the mats, is not someone who scares easily. But even his wife recognizes his near-obsessive fight against one microscopic opponent: MRSA, the potentially fatal skin infection.

MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, was once relegated mostly to hospitals and those with weak immune systems on heavy doses of antibiotics. Concern arose when a mutated variety began spreading among the general population about a decade ago. A 2007 study by the Centers for Disease Control found that cases of MRSA that had been treated at hospitals had more than doubled over six years, from 127,000 in 1999 to 278,000 in 2005. The CDC also estimates that one in three healthy people carry staph in their noses or on their skin and the bacteria can lie in wait for years.

In the system of sports, MRSA quickly became a hot topic. This infection was ending careers by getting into the bloodstream of athletes and attacking organs and tissues. Coaches, trainers, and players are becoming more aware of this issue and taking more precautions. Smith, for one, makes sure the mats are disinfected daily and cleaned every three months with an antimicrobial concentrate. Gear and mopheads are washed after every workout, fans were installed to circulate the air, and wrestlers are required to step on a pad saturated with cleaning solution every time they step on the mat. Athletes are being asked to maintain better hygiene habits, such as showering after every practice, keeping nails cut short in order to prevent scratches where the infection can enter, and no sharing of items such as towels or razors.

Smith and his team, along with Missouri’s football team, have also begun using a product called Hibiclens, a long-time principal cleanser in operating rooms that is now commercially available. Hibiclens claims to actively kill 38 types of bacteria for up to six hours. 24 other colleges in Missouri are also using Hibiclens to fight MRSA, according to Mike Harbert, who works for a medical marketing group in St. Louis.

Nobody around takes this infection more seriously than Smith. At a recent camp he wondered about putting too much disinfecting solution on the mats. When it began burning the wrestlers he knew he was using too much, but also knew that “those mats were definitely clean.” And keeping them that way means everything. Nothing consumes Smith’s attention more and some say he’s crazy. Smith just says, “But, hey, I’m careful.”

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