Top 5 Strategies for Increasing Online Sales

Setting up an online business is no difficult feat. Just about anyone can set up shops online for a product, or skill, they can sell. Where most people struggle is making steady sales. And not just a few transactions, but a consistent stream of loyal customers is needed.

In this strange Covid era, e-commerce has seen a new high. With people stuck at home and taking precautions, online stores are now the go-to. So, it is essential that your business benefits from this trend. Luckily, there are many strategies on how companies can market their products to increase online sales. We have listed the top 10 tips you can use to boost your e-business’ presence. If you want answers to “how do I make my product increase sales online?” then read on.

Analysis to understand your customers

Understanding your target audience should be the first thing on your agenda. When you know what their preference is, it will act as a guide for your marketing campaign. With online businesses, you can’t have a face-to-face conversation with people visiting your store. 

The alternative is using analytical tools to understand consumer behaviour. Use these tools to find out how consumers are finding your shop and what they are searching up. This data will help you allocate resources where they are needed. If you find that you get more traffic through Facebook ads, then invest more of your budget into those. 

SEO writing

How will you generate traffic on your website if it isn’t appearing in people’s searches? This is where Search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. In simple terms, SEO makes it easier for potential consumers to find your e-business.

SEO utilizes several tactics to make your website stand out in Google searches. You can incorporate this into product descriptions, product listings, site architecture and more! 


Everyone is crazy about aesthetics. Choosing an aesthetic for your website or mobile app is an extension of your brand image. What is your story? What makes your products stand out? Incorporate the basic values of your products into your brand’s aesthetics. Consumers are more interested in products that are visually appealing and unique. 

The aesthetics should tell your story, attract the consumer, and be functional. So, hit the drawing board and come up with an aesthetic for your e-business.

Keep it Simple

Consumers will abandon their cart if the checking out process is too complicated. Similarly, if the website is too complex or requires excessive navigation, expect your potential buyers to leave. 

As soon as a customer enters your virtual shop, they should glide from the product to the checkout. Make this process as simple as possible.

Include the option to checkout as a guest so that customers don’t feel like they have to climb a mountain by signing up. A simple interface is key to retaining traffic. However, don’t lose the creative aspect of your shop. It also helps if you have many payment options to facilitate your customer.

Testimonials build Trust

Before buying a product, potential customers are likely to check reviews and testimonials for your business. Reviews are what many consumers rely on when making buying decisions. 

A bad review does more damage than a good review helps. It is important to tackle whatever bad reviews you have and politely resolve them. Remember, the customer is always right.

Highlight positive reviews on your website and social media pages. Have influencers try your products and review them on their platforms. 


Maintaining a business requires grit, patience, and strategy. We have listed a few tactics you can apply to your business plan. If you find any of these insightful, then be sure to review your strategy and, hopefully, improve your online sales.