Turn your old electronics into cash

Technology is constantly developing with new products released almost weekly. This is great for tech lovers, but what happens to our old tech products?

For some people, having the latest technology in smartphones or laptops is important. Wanting to be at the forefront of new technology, they are quick to abandon their current devices for a new one. With so innovation in the telecommunication industry, many rush to popular online stores to purchase the latest phones and gaming consoles. When looking for the best online stores, visit review sites that rate a store’s performance based on previous customer feedback. Search topics like phone stores online to see the wide range of suppliers available. Click on the links to see how reviews can make your smartphone purchase decisions easy.

How you can turn your old tech products into cash

Did you know you can make money from your old phone, tablet, or laptop? What do you do with your old phone? Hopefully, it is not disposed of in the trash, leading to toxic chemicals being absorbed into the ground. 

There are several stores that will buy your old electronic products for cash or gift certificates to be used in their stores. We have rounded up a list of the 4 best ways to turn your old phone into money in your pocket.

#1: Trade-in services

There are online trade in services that value your old electronic items and pay you for them. Accepting items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles, this is a much easier method of selling your phone than on an online marketplace or social media platform. 

#2: Online stores that specialize in older tech products

There are many online stores that will pay good money for your old phone or tablet. Search for your device and see how much it is worth. If you accept the offer, you send the product to them via pre-paid mail. These older phones are often refurbished, the software upgraded and sold to customers who prefer the look of an older model.

#3: Trade-ins for store credit

Some of the larger supermarket and electronic giants will buy your device from you for gift certificates and store credits to use on any items in the store. If you prefer to do the sale online, you can print a prepaid shipping label from the trade-in section on the website and send it to them. This is convenient and lets you use your credit for another item in the store.

#4: Trade-in through your network carrier

If you are upgrading your device for a newer model or brand, you can trade in your old device and pay less. Some mobile network carriers assess the value of your old device and deduct this amount from the purchase price of your new device. Out with the old and in with the new, this method allows you to get the latest in smartphone technology for less.


While these are not the only methods of making money from our old phone, these are the most popular methods that we have come across. If you do not wish to sell your old phone, you can recycle it along with any other electronic goods via an electronic recycling company.