What is a MiFi?

If you want to earn money while traveling and you need internet connection almost every

If you want to earn money while traveling and you need internet connection almost every day for you and, above all, for more people, you will avoid many headaches.

Sure you hear these situations: waste time looking for free pocket WiFi in Japan at bus stations, subway or airports, go to coffee shops or look for McDonalds in the city, or wait several minutes to load the website you want to open because the WiFi The hostel is super slow.

Several terminals or users can be connected to this device, in some cases up to 8 can be using this device at the same time. That is, the MiFi is a kind of free router that works for PC and other devices.

The MiFi serves you for any country in the world, you do not have to change it if you change your country, it must be free (it does not belong to any telephone company) because you will use it by adding a SIM card from companies from other countries You will buy in the destination country when you arrive.

That is, if you want to use it online you have to forget to buy a MiFi Vodafone, Movistar, Orange or any other company.

To obtain Internet in the country to which you travel, all you have to do is enter the card of the company in question in your free MyFi, just as with any mobile phone and follow a series of steps that we tell you below.

What is NOT a MiFi?

Just like knowing what it is, it is important that you know what MiFi is not:

It is not a device to steal WiFi: unless you steal the SIM card from someone (do not do it!), You will not steal WiFi from anyone with MiFi.

It is not a device to amplify Japan WiFi promotion signal from other sources: the MiFi does not serve to be in a square with free WiFi and amplify the signal to receive more quality. Without a SIM, it does not help.

Keep in mind both and you will not be buying what it is not. If you want to steal WiFi or amplify the WiFi signal there are other options, which we will not discuss in this post because they do not come to mind.

What MiFi model to buy?

The 2 major types covered by this market would be:

The MiFi 4G routers: this type of MiFi devices we will leave them aside because they are designed to generate WiFi in a fixed place due to its large size and to work with electricity. They are aimed at using them in a more static way and not to be transporting them from one place to another. Although if it adapts to your trip, a good model is the Huawei B593 LTE.

The portable MiFi (of which we speak in this post). Designed to take your own mobile WiFi Japan network as our Huawei E5331.

The market variety of MiFi devices that work with SIM cards is very broad in terms of design.