Why Machine Learning Is The Biggest Focus In The Tech Area

When it comes to technology in general, automation is the overall main focus, given the

When it comes to technology in general, automation is the overall main focus, given the fact that robotics and relative technologies are taking over what once was a strictly manual-related field. Warehouses, for example, are the perfect example, given the fact that many Chinese companies like Alibaba decided to replace their workers with robots, increasing their productivity by over 70%.

What’s Machine Learning?

Machine learning, deep learning and autonomous learning are all synonyms of a process which, led by an algorithm, automatically learns and develops its features simply relying on itself. Machine learning is currently the most complex part of software development, given the fact that it requires an incredibly high-level coding language and sophisticated machines in order to properly work.

How Does This Apply To Our Day To Day Life?

Given the fact that machine learning is at its embryonic development stage, we can’t really qualify it as a “consumers market” technology, especially since ML applications are currently requiring pretty high-level hardware in order to properly work. With this in mind, we can also say that there are signals from renowned companies of significant investments both from a development point of view and from a strictly economic one. Google, in fact, admitted that, in the near future, many apps will be controlled by ML-based algorithms.

What About Mobile?

As said above, Google is the main player when it comes to Machine Learning. Google Maps is, in fact, the app which will be using Python coded algorithms in order to better understand the surrounding environment and therefore heavily boost the overall user experience. With this in mind, many iOS app development and Android app development companies decided to step into the game, by adding autonomous learning features in their coding backend.

The Market Value

Machine learning is what is normally defined as a “startup matter”, given the fact that coding in Python is, normally, a pretty niche thing when it comes to both software and architectures development. With this in mind, stating the market value of such products is definitely hard, considering the fact that many of these are tailored to the client’s goals. We can definitely say that machine learning as a whole will definitely become the industry standard in the next couple of years.

To Conclude

Machine learning and deep learning are a complex matter and they will definitely become even bigger than now. We can definitely expect companies like Apple and Google to dominate within the field.