Why Should You Opt for Unmetered Bandwidth With Your Hosting Plan?

What is Web Hosting Bandwidth? (Explained)

When it comes to hosting a business website, there are multiple things that every website owner needs to be considered before investing in a particular plan, let alone the type of hosting. Starting with whether it is Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server or Cloud Hosting, the choice has to be made after carefully assessing the individual website requirements.

For organisations that are new or have a low hosting resource utilisation, Shared Hosting seems the best fit. But that’s not the end of the road. Even with Shared Hosting, there is an array of service providers with each offering varied plans. Here again, one needs to be very specific when making the pick.

One feature that often misleads is the hosting bandwidth, metered or unmetered, offered with every plan. In this article, we will be focusing on unmetered bandwidth and its benefits for your website. 

What is Unmetered Bandwidth? 

Bandwidth in its simplest form is the amount of data transmitted from the server to the user. Unmetered bandwidth implies that the hosting provider does not measure or keep track of the bandwidth used when charging the host. Put simply, plans that include unmetered bandwidth mean that users are not charged based on the traffic of the website but the speed.

Benefits of Unmetered Bandwidth

As mentioned earlier, it is clear that Shared Hosting plans that offer unmetered bandwidth might charge on the basis of speed. This might not seem ideal as with the rising traffic, the speed would reduce, and no one would wish to offer services at compromised speed. One needs to make sure that speed shouldn’t suffer when buying a hosting plan. There are multiple factors that prove unmetered bandwidth to be a must in Shared Hosting

  • Traffic Upsurge: True that Shared Hosting plans are often purchased by small websites, novice bloggers or startup business websites that don’t witness much traffic. However, it might happen that the venture shoots high, attracting thousands of visitors in a single day. Such an unexpected rise in traffic would surpass the limitations of metered bandwidth, adding extra expenses. Hence, it is best that organisations prioritise Shared Hosting plans that include unmetered bandwidth. 
  • Fight Against DDoS Attacks: Limiting the bandwidth of the website is fatal as it increases the possibility of DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks tend to uplift the traffic count of the website affecting the overall performance and at times, rendering it totally ineffective. It is better to have sufficient bandwidth for the website, obtaining significant time to fight irrelevant attacks. 
  • Cost-effective: A sudden spike in traffic might expand beyond boundaries adding to the monthly billing. On the other hand, plans with unmetered hosting seem ideal, cheap and efficient. 

Final Word

Even though the choice of hosting plans depends on the overall requirements of the website, investing in unmetered bandwidth for your Shared Hosted website appeals more, given the benefits associated with it.