Will area codes soon be a thing of the past?

For years, the landline with a telephone at the end was an indispensable feature of

For years, the landline with a telephone at the end was an indispensable feature of the average home or business; now, the landline is in decline as consumers increasingly turn to mobile and internet platform-based telephony.

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Ofcom study

The telecoms regulator carried out some research that revealed the number of landline minutes used across the UK has dropped by nearly half in the past six years, while the amount of mobile data consumers is using increased by a factor of almost 10.

There are more than one billion landlines in the UK, which are divided amongst more than 600 area codes. During its study, Ofcom asked younger users what they thought about area codes, with the results indicating that most of them were not terribly concerned about their use.

The Guardian looks further into how younger people’s habits can shed light on the use of technology.

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VoIP advantage

With a VoIP system, users have a central number that can be used anywhere. They can also have a local area number if this is what they want, as VoIP is very flexible in this way. In the future, it may well be that area codes are used far less as many people do not see the need for them.

In Ofcom’s study, it appeared that number recognition was more important to young people than the area code. An unfamiliar area code was often seen to be associated with a call centre or some kind of unwanted marketing call, perhaps leading to the call not being answered.

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VoIP is here to stay and the effects on traditional telephony will continue. Some people may mourn the decline of the area code and the landline, while others may celebrate the versatility of internet-based communications. Even if you are very attached to your landline, VoIP is well on its way to replacing it.